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American Kenpo emphasizes fast hand techniques used in rapid succession. Kicks are less common, and usually directed at the lower body because high kicks are slower to execute and potentially compromise the practitioner’s balance.

Physically, American Kenpo develops strength, speed, balance, and stamina.

Although each American Kenpo school will differ somewhat, some common elements are:

Basic Principles, concepts and theories such as “Marriage of Gravity” — settling one’s body weight in order to increase striking force, and many others out lined in his Infinite Insights Books (5).

Every block is a strike, every strike is a block — a block should be hard and directed enough to injure an opponent, decreasing their ability to continue an attack. Every strike should counter an opponent’s movement, decreasing their ability to mount an attack.

Point of Origin — refers to moving any natural weapon from wherever it originates rather than cocking it before deploying it. This helps to eliminate telegraphing of moves.

Economy of Motion — make sure every move counts and is efficient.

Personalization — Parker always suggested that once a student learned the lesson embodied in the “ideal phase” of the technique, they should then search for some aspect that can be tailored to their own personal needs and strengths

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  • Jeff Speakman

    Jeff Blay is a overly qualified Kenpo Black Belt instructor meeting the highest standards that our organization has set world wide.
  • Paul Bolk

    When I first started at JK Kenpo I was recovering from a broken ankle and knee surgery. A coworker of mine suggested Kenpo as a way to build up strength in my legs again. I had always wanted to get into the martial arts and after meeting Mr. Blay and discussing my situation he assured me that it wouldn't be an issue. Mr. Blay was able to make adjustments to techniques to accommodate my injuries without compromising the technique. I have been there for four years now and after the first two and an additional surgery on my ankle in that time I'm now fully recovered and doing the techniques with out the original adjustments. I have in the past looked into other martial arts but never found one or a school that I felt was for me until I went to JK Kenpo and met Mr. Blay. Mr. Blay has a wealth of knowledge about Kenpo and martial arts in general which he provides to his students no matter what rank.
  • Mark Lawler, 8th degree Kenpo Karate

    As a 38 year veteran of the Martial arts, I would give my strongest recommendation to anybody interested in joining a Karate school to contact Jeff Blay. Whether for Adults or Children, Jeff and his school offer the highest level of expertise and professionalism around. Jeff's experience and character are second to none, as well as a tremendous asset to his community.