About Us

A message from the founder: Jeffrey K, Blay Sr.

I am Jeffrey K. Blay Sr. I have been involved in martial arts for over 35 years and I am the proud owner of JK Kenpo Karate. I have trained in many different styles and hold multiple belts in multiple styles, but I am proud to say that finding American Kenpo was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. .

adult kenpo classes schenectady, nyWhen I was 17 years old I enlisted into the Army National Guard and served seven years. I was activated one time during those seven years for the prison strike in NYS and was stationed at Comstock Maximum Security Prison for 14 days. Our unit received commendations for our actions; it was an honor to serve my community, state, and country.

In 2003, I organized the Guardian Angels in this area; I was the area director and trainer of the Angels. I started chapters in Albany,Schenectady, Troy, Gloversville, and Kingston with the help of Curtis Sliwa, president and founder of the Guardian Angels.

I opened my own school, JK Kenpo Karate, with the intent to serve the community. Immediately following my schools opening, I reached out to my community and taught many female self-defense and rape prevention classes. I have received proclamations from mayors in the area for those classes. Having the foresight, I started Kardio Kickboxing in this area. After my introduction of Kardio Kickboxing, many schools started their own programs and Kardio in this area skyrocketed, but we have the HONOR of being first and number one. I’ve had the honor to travel and train with many great instructors. Being a proud sponsor of Mr. Chuck Norris’s “Kick Drugs out ofAmerica” I had the honor of meeting Mr. Norris. We’ve held many seminars at our studio and have had many great martial artists. The reason for having these martial artists was to bring a higher level of martial arts into the area. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished.

On a personal note, I have raised four children by myself whom I am very proud of.

JK Kenpo is a family operation and service to the community where values and morals are held to an extremely high standard. It would be our honor to share the martial arts experience with you and your families. As a black belt it is my duty to serve the community and set an example for all of our children.


Jeffrey K, Blay Sr.


A message from: Marshall P. Blay

My name is Marshall P. Blay, instructor with the Kids program here at J.K. Kenpo. I’d like to extend a welcome to you and tell you more about myself and our school. I am currently a 3rd degree brown belt in Ed Parker’s advanced defensive tactics system schenectady, nyAmerican Kenpo system. I have been involved in Kenpo since I was three years old. My Father Jeffrey Blay Sr., 4th degree black belt, has been my only instructor over the past 15 years, but I have gone to seminars with internationally renowned martial arts instructors such as Mr. Sibora Chan (8th degree black belt), and Richard “Huk” Planas (10th degree black belt). I’ve trained hard to get where I am today and I plan to go further into the depths of the Kenpo system. People describe me as a kind, fun, outgoing person who is great with kids. I taught a full year of general music at draper middle school and had great experiences and outstanding times. As you will see, kids love me! I describe myself as someone who likes to help others.

Our students don’t only learn to defend themselves against bullies and predators, but also learn the insights to Ed Parker’s Legacy. American Kenpo teaches self-defense, discipline, confidence and self-control among many other things. Our school is 3,000 sq ft  and equipped with a full gym. Also some people have said that “our” Kenpo is power Kenpo, which is a nice compliment.

I look forward to teaching and helping your children grow into strong structured young men and women. Should you ever have any questions or issues please contact me and I will do whatever I can to assist you.


Marshall P. Blay