American Kenpo emphasizes fast hand techniques used in rapid succession. Kicks are less common, and usually directed at the lower body because high kicks are slower to execute and potentially compromise the practitioner’s balance.

Physically, American Kenpo develops strength, speed, balance, and stamina. Although each American Kenpo school will differ somewhat, some common elements are:

Basic Principles, concepts and theories such as “Marriage of Gravity” — settling one’s body weight in order to increase striking force, and many others out lined in his Infinite Insights Books (5).

Every block is a strike, every strike is a block — a block should be hard
and directed enough to injure an opponent, decreasing their ability to continue an attack. Every strike should counter an opponent’s movement, decreasing their ability to mount an attack.

Point of Origin — refers to moving any natural weapon from wherever it originates rather than cocking it before deploying it. This helps to eliminate telegraphing of moves.

Economy of Motion — make sure every move counts and is efficient.

Personalization — Parker always suggested that once a student learned the lesson embodied in the “ideal phase” of the technique, they should then search for some aspect that can be tailored to their own personal needs and strengths