Advanced Defensive Tactics System (A.D.T.S) is a dynamic, explosive and intense self defense program created by Sibora Chan. A.D.T.S. is a reality based self defense system that utilizes key concept and principals of Kenpo Karate techniques, Israeli Military Tactics and other martial art systems. This super charged program offer students a SIMPLIFIED, FAST and DIRECT approach to learning self defense. It is a great way to get Fit, Relieve Stress, Get Stronger, Learn Practical Self Defense and Make New Friends!


  • Hand to Hand Self Defense Against Most Street Situation
  • Various Take Down Techniques
  • Ground Defenses
  • Defenses Against Impact Weapon Attack
  • Defenses Against Edged Weapon Attack or Threat
  • Gun Threat Defenses and Disarms
  • And More

And it is here at JK Kenpo Karate, 1053 Kings Rd, Schenectady NY 12303
518-370- 4757

Jeff Blay the Owner and Head Instructor of JK Kenpo and his students are the only certified instructors in the state of New York in ADTS.